Plant cleaning services Westchester

Having a clean workplace can help increase productivity and boost morale. Take the time to spruce up your space and welcome everyone into a sparkling workplace this spring. Here are some key areas you may want to address as we move deeper into the season:


Spring is a time when your landscaping needs a lot of attention, and a well-maintained landscape can make any building look more inviting. Below are some points you should consider this spring to help the appearance of your landscaping:

  • Laying fresh mulch
  • Weeding/putting down a pre-emergent herbicide
  • Aerating and seeding/overseeding
  • Trimming up bushes
  • Planting new trees, shrubs, or flowers

Winter weather can leave the exterior of your building looking weathered. When you have all your windows cleaned, you regain the natural light you lost during the cold months.

There is no more important time in the year to have your commercial carpet deep cleaned than the spring. During the winter months, salt, moisture, mud, and debris impact the carpets of your building potentially causing long-term damage. A deep carpet cleaning will renew and help extend the life of your carpets.

Spring is the right time to clean all the vents and ducts and ensure your air conditioning unit is running at full efficiency. Running your equipment for a while to make sure is working well can save you time and stress.

Full Facility Check
The beginning of a new season provides an opportunity to do a comprehensive evaluation of your facility and identify any potential issues before they emerge.