Proper Chemical Handling

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Do your employees know how to handle hazardous materials safely?

The staff come in contact with different chemicals in their daily tasks, as sanitizers and bleach products. Improper exposure to chemicals has been found to cause coughing, skin rashes, headaches, and lung damage. It is important that all the staff receive training on the products they use.

Be cautious and plan ahead
Think about what could go wrong and pay close attention to what you’re doing while you work.

Labels and materials
To promote safe handling of supplies, make sure all containers are properly labeled and that the material is contained in an appropriate container, so that staff knows exactly what materials they are handling and where to look for additional safety information.

Spills or splashes often occur when an employee mixes cleaning solution or transfers a chemical from a tote to a smaller container. Use all materials solely for their intended purpose. 

Never eat or drink while handling any materials, and if your hands are contaminated, don’t use cosmetics or handle contact lenses.

Trained Staff
Cleaning staff should be trained to always refer to the safety data sheets if they have any questions about how to handle and clean up a specific product.

 Protective Equipment
Employer responsibilities include providing instruction on protective equipment use, including gloves, goggles, and clothing.

Learn about emergency procedures and equipment.

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