Reduce Allergens In Your Office

Spring is beautiful, but for people with allergies, can be a source of discomfort in the workplace. Here are some steps that business owners can take to reduce allergens in the office and improve their employees’ health:

• Identify the allergens. Pollen is just one type of common allergen. Dust, mites, and pet dander can also cause severe allergic reactions.
• Keep the office windows closed as much as possible
• Wipe the work area daily wearing a mask
• Vacuum the workspace using vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters that capture allergens. (wear a mask)
• Run a dehumidifier if your office has high humidity to reduce the risk of mold growth
• Turn on the air conditioning. This will aid in circulating the air and trapping the pollen particles in the filter.

Remember that daily dusting, mopping, and vacuuming can remove many of the allergens that affect workers helping to improve the condition and health of your work environment. But, basic sweeping and cleaning can also increase allergy problems by making allergens airborne.

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